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June 27-29, 2017
Exhibition Dates: June 28-29
McEnery Convention Center | San Jose, CA

Be sure to visit the Sensors Expo Floor to see technology in action. PLUS, stop by some of the below booths and enter the many booth giveaways!

  • Dytran Instruments, Inc. • Booth # 432 • Dytran will be demonstrating their very own rotor kit at this year's show!
  • Exergen Global • Booth # 551 • During the show, Exergen will be giving away cheese in their booth by staff members wearing wooden shoes! Exergen Global introduces its Sensoranics Methodology, a unique, proprietary, integrated approach to developing best-in-class infrared temperature sensor solutions for complex production processes across all industries. The company’s innovative sensor technology provides the foundation for the Sensoranics Methodology, and its mechanical engineering knowledge, combined with that of its customers, supports the methodology.
    Exergen’s unmatched thermal management expertise, backed by more than 70 thermal management patents, is the “special sauce” that allows the company to provide award-winning solutions for even the toughest thermal challenges. Exergen has also been chosen as finalist for the Innovation Award!
  • Gas Sensing Solutions • Booth # 844 • Visit us in Hall B, Booth 844 where Managing Director, Alan Henderson, will be available to demonstrate our full product range including our newly released 4-series form factor MinIR CO2 sensor, ideally suited for portable/battery and wireless applications. The GSS range of products also include the high-speed SprintIR sensor, suitable for sports medicine and food packaging, and our ultra-low power COZIR Ambient sensor with applications in Building Control, HVAC, IAQ and Horticulture.
  • LeddarTech • Booth # 448 • LeddarTech will introduce the LeddarCore integrated circuit (IC), an ultra-low power sensor core designed to be easily integrated into complete solutions. Its high sensitivity, immunity to noise and powerful signal processing capabilities enable the development of innovative detection and ranging applications. Available in multiple configurations, LeddarCore is based on Leddar, LeddarTech's highly efficient optical time-of-flight technology.
  • LI-COR- Biosciences • Booth # 452 • Building on their 40+ years of experience in manufacturing light sensors, LI-COR is pleased to announce that they have newly redesigned sensors. The new sensors feature a water shedding design – providing weather resistance, as well as interchangeable heads and a detachable base – allowing for easily removal of the sensor for calibration or to switch out sensor heads, and multiple output options.
  • Mouser Electronics • Booth #409 • Mouser will showcase some of the newest sensor technologies from its manufacturer partners at Sensors Expo 2015. Click here for full demo information.
  • Murata Electronics • Booth # 825 • Murata will be featuring a Contactless Patient Monitoring & Dynamic Tilt Sensing MEMS Demo. Contactless Patient Monitoring - Murata’s ultra-low noise accelerometers (SCA10H & SCA11H series) coupled with our advanced algorithms are used to detect (BCG) vibrations providing instant patient data at care centers, hospitals and home. Combined X or Z-axis Gyroscope and 3-axis Accelerometer - Murata’s SCC2000 series are combined sensors that consist of a low-g 3 axis accelerometer with two angular rate sensor options of either X or Z axis detection. Click here to learn more.
  • Omron Electronic Components • Booth # 617 • Stop by booth #617 to view Omron's Human Vision Components (HVC) demo. HVC is a PCB with an integrated camera, processor, and memory and is designed to act as a sensor, which outputs data via UART communication. This hardware solution utilizes 10 OKAO software functions: face detection, face recognition, age/gender estimation, facial pose detection, gaze detection, blink detection, facial expression estimation, hand detection and human body detection! Click here to learn more.
  • OptoForce Ltd • Booth # 756 • OptoForce is about to revolutionize the multi-axis force sensing market with their silicone-based optical force/torque sensors. At Sensors Expo, the new HEX-70-C sensor series will be presented for the first time to the general public. The new sensor family has compact size, light weight, extreme robustness (you can hit them with a hammer at the booth) while offering high sensitivity and accuracy.
  • Sigenics, Inc. • Booth # 919 • Drop your business card in our bowl and get a chance to win a set of Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones! These headphones are the industry leading noise reduction for travel, work and anywhere in between. Winner does not need to be present to win - drawing will take place on Thursday, June 11 at 2:00 PM.
  • Silicon Sensing Systems • Booth # 344 • Silicon Sensing will be demonstrating the north finding capability of DMU30, the first of a new range of high performance MEMS IMUs (HPIMU) designed to offer a realistic, ITAR free, alternative to more costly FOG/RLG IMUs.
  • Terahertz Device Corporation • Booth # 713 • Terahertz Device Corporation will be featuring a current-regulated pulse driver (RPD) for its QuiC SLED mid-infrared LEDs at the Sensors Expo 2015. The driver’s burst mode delivers short pulses of high current for maximum LED brightness without overheating, ideal for time-gating and peak detection where maximum brightness is crucial to performance. A quasi-continuous wave (qCW) mode generates a low-amplitude pulse train at 50% duty cycle, suited for time-averaged power detection by maximizing emitted photons per period. Lock-in amplifiers likewise benefit under qCW mode. The RPD cuts engineering time and expenses, ensuring the QuiC SLED works out of the box. Matched to the QuiC SLED, the RPD protects the LED and delivers a repeatable current and brightness. The active feedback regulation provides a consistent drive current under variable load conditions with changing device temperatures and between devices. The QuiC SLED developer kit combines the RPD with the PDQ photodiode amplifier, mounts, and optics.
  • Wyless • Booth # 838 • Wyless will be demonstrating the Option CloudGate at their booth, as well as running a promotion that features the CloudGate bundled with 250MB of pooled, cellular data for just $35.99 a month. They'll also be raffling off a free CloudGate device!