Automotive Technology Pavilion Participants Include:

Aichi Steel

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Toposens GmbH

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OURS Technology LiDAR Test Vehicle : Booth #1712

Self-driving cars need a new form of LiDAR. At OURS, we believe that the key to ultimate safety and scalability is through system innovation and custom chip designs. Through years of R&D, we have developed a proprietary optical sensing system that enables 5D vision. Your vehicles can now see real-time distance and velocity video that no conventional sensors can offer. Visit our booth to learn about our latest progress in integrated photonics, and how we are making solid-state LiDAR a reality.


  • Real-time 5D vision for self-driving: 3D distance, velocity and intensity
  • Ultimate safety with complete immunity from any interference and jamming
  • Long range (>200m) and high accuracy for both distance and velocity