Sensors Expo and NimbeLink have created a dedicated IoT feature area on the Expo Floor that will feature education and demonstrations showcasing solutions for IoT connectivity challenges. See below for the schedule or view the highlight video now!

Wednesday, June 28th

The Survey Says: A Review of Survey Results on the IoT And Analytics Market
James Brehm | Founder & Chief Technology Evangelist | James Brehm & Associates
As Yogi Berra said, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” But if you want to know where the IoT market is heading and you believe in “the wisdom of crowds,” this survey review could be your window on tomorrow.

Intelligence at the Edge, A Case Study
John Keever | CTO | ILS Technology

Sensor Spotlight Demo #1
Kurt Larson | CTO | NimbeLink
David Scinto | Technical Sales | PMC Engineering

Why Projects Fail - An Inquest Panel of IoT
James Brehm | Founder & Chief Technology Evangelist | James Brehm & Associates
Kevin Blakely | Director of Sales (Western Region) | Taoglas
Scott Schwalbe | CEO | NimbeLink
Ben Dolmar | Director of Software Development | Nerdery
IoT projects can be both complicated and time-sensitive. Smart decisions regarding hardware, software, connectivity, and development tools can help developers avoid dead ends and keep projects on deadline.

Hello, I Want to Buy Some IoT - How Enterprises Purchase
James Brehm | Founder & Chief Technology Evangelist | James Brehm & Associates
Randall Restle | VP, Applications Engineering | Digi-Key
Matt Rose | Regional Sales Executive | GetWireless
Largely due to its growth and changing nature, IoT is a relatively non-commoditized field. There are many factors that can impact the value of IoT components and services that companies should be aware of to successfully compete in the field.

Intelligence in the Cloud, A Case Study
Jeff Liebl | President, IoT Group | Anaren, Inc.
By connecting widely scattered sensors and systems, the IoT enables creation of vast, intelligent systems. These can rely on either centralized or decentralized intelligence to make fast, highly efficient decisions and support exponential growth.

Is Cellular Right for Your Application?
Moderator: James Brehm | Founder & Chief Technology Evangelist | James Brehm & Associates
Scott Schwalbe | CEO | NimbeLink
Manuel Botija | IoT Product Marketing | Sequans Communications
Erik Varney | Regional Data Sales Manager | Verizon Wireless
Cellular connectivity is reliable, simple, and available virtually everywhere. With the advent of new services like Cat M-1, it is more affordable than ever and has very modest power requirements making it ideal for many, but not all, IoT applications. Explore the criteria for determining whether cellular is your best choice.

Decision Criteria for Moving Your Sensed Data to Someone That Cares
John Young | CIO | NimbeLink
Explore the decisions that determine the system design from sensor all the way to the end user. Processor, data format, encryption, battery life, programming languages, device location, data ingestion rate, who is the consumer of your data.

Thursday, July 29

IoT 101: From the Edge to the Enterprise - Functional Decomposition of the IoT Ecosystem
James Brehm | Founder & Chief Technology Evangelist | James Brehm & Associates
An ecosystem is “a complex network or interconnected system,” and that is exactly what the IoT is. This presentation deconstructs a complex IOT ecosystem to help participants understand how such a system operates from the most remote sensor to network center.

The Journey to Finished Products
Scott Schwalbe | CEO | NimbeLink
There are many ways to speed development of a market-ready IoT product. This presentation will trace the development, from concept-to-market, of NimbeLink’s QTELLUS Asset Tracker.

Which Processor for Which Application?
Richard LaBorde | Director, IoT Business Development | Anaren Microwave, Inc.
IoT applications can vary widely in their processing requirements. This presentation will explore a variety of widely available microprocessors – their respective costs, power requirements, complexity, and capabilities – and discuss how to choose the right one for your needs.

Securing Your IoT Solution
Rob Viren | Product Manager | Exosite
Opening your application to the Internet of Things provides potential entry points for theft, vandalism, or other mischief. For that reason, security is of paramount importance; this presentation will address a variety of approaches.

Sensor Spotlight Demo #2
Kurt Larson | CTO | NimbeLink

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