The Spectacular Sensors Smackdown

Engineers are the original DIY’ers, with the know-how and creative genius to build their own gadgets—from highly practical devices to just plain old silly and fun creations. Many of these inventions showcase sensors and switches in action, from an animatronic graveyard display for Halloween to a machine that uses motion detection to dispense pet treats.
We invite you to tell us about the most clever gadget you’ve ever built. Wow us, and you could be named a contestant in our first annual Spectacular Sensors Smackdown. This inaugural event takes place during Sensors Innovation Week (November 16-18, 2020).  In rapid-fire, five minute video demonstrations, five participants will demonstrate their DIY gadgets, describing how they work and the underlying technologies used. Event attendees will vote online in real time for their favorite gadget, with the winner taking home a grand prize.
To enter, please tell us a little about your gadget, how it works, and how sensors and/or switches are used in the design. (NOTE: Gadget must be in working order for the video demonstration.)
Participants for the competition, aired online, will be selected on the basis of novelty and engineering ingenuity of their designs. Five candidates will be asked to demo their gadgets in five-minute videos for the live competition.

Event Details:
Event: Spectacular Sensors Smackdown during Sensors Innovation Week
Day: Wednesday, November 18, 2020
Time: 3:50-4:20 pm Eastern time

Any questions? Please contact Karen Field at kfield[at]