Hands-On Workshops

Take part in these Workshops which will feature demos on the latest products and techniques, and gain insight from the experts and tips your can incorporate into your own sensor technology.

[Note: included in all passes; however, admission is limited and space is at a first come, first served basis. Attendees must bring their laptops to participate.]

Rapid Prototyping with MEMS Sensors and Microcontrollers: A Hands-On Workshop Introducing the ST AlgoBuilder
Wednesday, June 27 | 10:00AM - 1:00PM

Matteo Fusi | STMicroelectronics
Miroslav Batek | STMicroelectronics

ST’s AlgoBuilder is a complete Development environment enabling quick prototyping of solution that can be built using MEMS Sensors, microcontroller and software building blocks such as algorithm libraries with user’s own logic.

AlgoBuilder uses a simple graphical design approach (drag and drop, connect, set properties) for quick prototyping of applications for MEMS sensors and STM32 MCUs. 
A wide range of function blocks are available in libraries including motion sensor algorithms, such as, sensor fusion, activity recognition and more. Function blocks can be also created by the user. 

C code is generated from the graphical design and combined with binary libraries and FW template for selected STM32 microcontroller. The output of the application is fully functional FW project which can be compiled and immediately used with one of the NUCLEO board to test its functionality. Unicleo-GUI can be used to visualize, store and playback sensor data and display outputs from running firmware generated by AlgoBuilder. 

The Workshop will walk you through some different examples of prototypes using the AlgoBuilder platform and ST’s development boards.  All participants will receive a FREE STM32L4 Nucleo + X-NUCLEO-IKS01A2 eval boards. All Participants must have a PC running Windows (7 or 10) with administrator privileges and a USB Type-A port to participate.

All Sensors Expo attendees can attend free of charge; must opt in during registration or in the Attendee Resource Center. Space is limited; first-come, first-seated.

Simplifying Integration of Sensors Data, Using the NFC Enabled Multi-Sensors Node, STEVAL-SMARTAG1
Wednesday, June 27 | 2:00PM - 5:00PM

Daniel Merino | STMicroelectronics
John Tran | STMicroelectronics

Learn how to simplify the integration of environmental and inertial sensors, NFC Dynamic Tag  connectivity, a low-power microcontroller into your next IoT design using the new STEVAL-SMARTAG1 development kit.
The STEVAL-SMARTAG1 is a sensor node that can sense temperature, humidity, pressure, motion and transmit the data when triggered by an NFC reader. It can be scaled down based on final application requirements. The platform can accelerate the design of applications such as Supply Chain/ Cold Chain monitoring for perishable and valuable goods, asset tracking, Healthcare, Smart Apparel and Smart Packaging and Smart Agriculture among others.
During this session, you will use the STEVAL-SMARTAG1 development kit and the GUI for the ST25R3911B (NFC High Performance Reader/Writer) to configure sensors without a debugger, and without writing code in order to achieve a Fast Prototyping, reduce time to market in a plug a play small system solution. The workshop will walk through using the development kit and platform to reduce the time to market using available HW, SW, GUI and algorithms.
All participants will receive the Free STEVALSMARTAG1 and ST25R3911B-Discovery development kits and related SW.  All participants must have a PC running Windows8 or above with administrative privileges and USB Type-A port to participate.

All Sensors Expo attendees can attend free of charge; must opt in during registration or in the Attendee Resource Center. Space is limited; first come, first seated. 

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