What to Expect at Sensors Innovation Week Fall

From design engineers to startup entrepreneurs to corporate management of the industry‚Äôs largest semiconductor companies, Sensors Innovation Week Fall will attract engineering professionals that are involved in the design, development and deployment of sensor technologies.

  • Engineers: Design, Systems, Evaluation, Test, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Process, Product Design, Production, Software
  • Developers
  • Scientists: Chief Scientists; Data Scientists
  • R&D: Research, Development, Testing, Standards, Quality
  • Academia: Educators, Students
  • Media: Analysts, Press
  • Purchasing/Procurement: buyers of sensors and sensing-related technologies
  • Investors: VC firms, angel investors, professionals looking to invest in sensors technology

What topics will be covered?

  • Industrial, IoT & Wireless, Smart Sensors, MEMS, and Next Gen Innovations

View the entire schedule here

What is the Sensors Innovation Week Fall virtual event?

  •  Virtual event running live November 16-18 and on demand for six months following
  •  30+ speakers sharing their experiences in the sensors industry
  •  November 16th will cover IoT & Wireless
  •  November 17th will cover Industrial
  •  November 18th will cover Smart Sensors, MEMS & Next Gen Innovations Track
  •  Each day will feature a variety of sessions, including keynotes, roundtables, breakout sessions, and more
  •  Gathering of professionals involved in the sensors industry who are looking for innovations and solutions