The Sensors Conference Program will feature 10 tracks:

Energy Harvesting and Power Management Track

Energy Harvesting & Power Management: Deriving operating power from the environment is becoming critically important. As more devices interface with each other [power needs to be consistent and permanent] and changing batteries is not an option.

Track Chair: Randy Frank Associates

Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies: encompassing the latest technologies powered by sensors, including [AI, AR, Drones, Robotics, VR, and more]

Flexible and Wearable Tech

Flexible & Wearable Tech: Flexible Sensors and Wearable Electronics are hot and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Flexible and wearable devices are all encompassing, from consumer to medical and military, and beyond. If you plan to compete in this market space, you need to get a [grasp on the latest components and concepts].​

IoT and Wireless Track

IoT & Wireless: IoT is [the crossroads where all devices will connect] to each other, communicate, and perform tasks both small and large. What standards will be in place? Find out how devices interface in the home, office, factory, and in the field.​

Track Chair: Will Tu

Measurement and Detection Track

Measurement & Detection: Before all of those sensors, wearable electronics, medical equipment, and everything in between get deployed, either IoT style or standalone, they need to be tested. Hazardous and public meeting places need to be monitored for gases and chemicals to ensure safety. Here you’ll learn the latest methods and solutions to [assure your design’s flight worthiness].

MEMS and Sensors Track

MEMS & Sensors: Each year more and more MEMS-based sensors are fi nding their way into applications that traditionally used a plethora of components. Trimming down the size of a device while [expanding functionality is most efficiently achieved] via MEMS technology.​

Track Chair: Stephen Whalley

Sensor Applications Track

Sensor Applications: There is no shortage of unique devices emerging on a daily basis. Driven by sensors of all types, it’s amazing what designers are coming up with; the sky is no longer the limit. [Stimulate your creative and artistic imagination] with the Novel Sensor Applications track.​

Track Chair: Sensors Online

Optical Sensing and Detection Track

Optical Sensing & Detection: It is a highly visual world out there. From super-resolution video to machine vision, a picture can be worth big coin, particularly on the design side. Optical sensing and detection [plays a big role in just about every industry], which means you need to be interested and involved to succeed.

Designing for the Industrial and Embedded IoT Track

Designing for the Industrial and Embedded IoT: If you were wondering how those billions of sensors out there are going to talk to each other, the answer is Embedded Systems. All those interface boards, singleboard computers, storage systems, servers, and software will rely on sensors for input while[supporting them with data processing and interoperability].​

Track Chair: Embedded Computing Design and Open Systems Media

Simplifying Complex Sensor Data Track

Simplifying Complex Sensor Data: encompasses [Data Analytics, Data Acquisition, Cloud, and IoT]